Berry Good Time


  "Do y'all want to go pick some strawberries and take some pictures?” Based on the exuberance of their response, you might have thought I asked if they wanted Christmas to come early. These two love strawberries!


  Center Hill Farm U-Pick is located a short 5 miles from town. It is a small, family owned farm that has seasonal U-pick fields and the people here are as sweet as the berries you will find. Picking berries was something I had wanted to do all season, but hadn't made the time for. When I saw the field would be closing in just a couple days, however, I knew my time had run out. So, compliments of DST, the two eldest kids and myself made it an evening out in the fields.


  I heard someone say once “You will almost never regret going out and doing, while you will almost always regret not going and doing." I've tried to implement this idea into my photography. There have been many times I've talked myself out of going out to shoot something and been really disappointed later. I never look back on images though and wish I would have been anywhere else!


  A huge thank you to Center Hill Farm U-Pick for the fun evening and the amazing berries! Go check them out on Facebook, by clicking here, where you can stay up to date on what is growing in the fields!

Daniel Moore